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Welcome to Kostas Mavros' Gold and Silver Shop at Adelianos Campos.
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Adelianos Campos is the biggest of the hotel suburbs of Rethymnon town on the island of Crete. Kostas opened the very first jewellery shop on the spot already in 1993, named "Goldbees".
Today, his Gold and Silver Shop is the biggest one in the eastern half of the bay of Rethymnon.
The product range is accordingly comprehensive. It does not only include necklaces, bracelets and rings, but also a variety of other pieces.
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Besides silver jewellery, white gold and also yellow gold up to 18 carat, many pieces with diamonds and other gemstones are being presented.
In addition there is a wide range of fashion jewellery by renowned manufacturers.
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Every evening during the tourism season there are up to 6 friendly employees available who give detailed advice.
You can make your choice without ruffle or excitement and try all pieces and view them in one of the many mirrors before making your decision.
If you like so you can also pick additional pieces from the manufacturers' catalogues: Items which are not in stock will be ordered promptly.
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Kostas picked his team most carefully, and he himself accomplished their technical education.
Same as the customers, the assistants come from various countries. They therefore provide quailyfied advice in an accordingly high number of languages.
This includes English, German, French, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Lithuanian and some others, and every year some more are being added.
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Kostas Mavros' Gold and Silver Shop is in the center of Adelianos Campos by the "Old National Road", just opposite to the Eva Bay Hotel.
All major hotels concentrate in the closer surroundings.
For customers from the two neighbouring villages of Platanias and Pigianos Campos, the shop is within easy reach as well.
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There is also a bus stop just 100 meters from the shop. During the tourism season, public busses go in both directions every 20 minutes, from the early morning until after midnight.
Text & photos: Ingo H. Dietrich
Kostas Mavros
Gold and Silver Jewellery Shop
Adelianos Campos
GR - 74100 Rethymnon
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